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The Scale Game
By: Doris Newnam

I know the typical suggestions for losing weight are to get on a diet. Unfortunately, a diet is only as good for as long as you stay with it. And I think in too many cases, the diet simply does not satisfy the body's cravings or tastebuds, consequently making it really easy to fudge on it. One thing that happens to us when we decide to "go on a diet" is our brain rejects the idea.

Whoa... hold the phone... the internal war begins and we argue with ourselves. We're telling our brain that we're going to give it less food, and it is saying, "Oh, no, you're not. I rule this body and I want all of my favorite foods and treats." So the more we determine to "diet" - deprive our body of what it wants - the bigger the battle just might be with our "ruler, the brain".

A life-style change in the way we eat is probably best if attempted in small doses and over a reasonable period of time. Depending on your individual circumstances, I know that is not necessarily easy. But suppose we take it a little at a time. I doubt that unwanted weight was gainned over night. The rare cicumstance would likely be attributed to a medical situation causing fluid retention and should be addressed by a qualified physician.

Rather than vowing to change your eating habits over night, I have discovered and developed a different approach. It will cost you nothing... zero... zilch... but first some basics,which I'm sure you already know, so consider this just a refresher.

"Food For Thought"

I know we are taught to not waste food, but store this thought to your mental processes: "Waste or Waist? Which will it be?"

Ok... so we really do not want to waste food. It is expensive to buy and not ecomonical to be throwing food away. So to help us avoid that, we adjust our quantities on our plates and utilize the left-overs. If we're eating out, we ask for "take out containers"

Ok... so far, nothing new here. But hang on.... I want to introduce you to my

Scale Game

Each morning when you wake up and before you get dressed, get on your scale. Now don't groan, just play along.

Don't worry about how MUCH you weigh, but just make a mental note of the number.

Next... After you dress, and before you eat, weigh again, note the number.

After you eat, weigh again, note the number.

Do this before and after each meal. Before you go to bed and when you get up.

Have I lost my mind?

Actually, what happens is that when you do this for a few days you will start to see how much your weight fluctuates throughout the day and evening and how that 'scale' is affected by your clothes, shoes, and the food you eat.

Soon you will subconsciously begin playing a game with that scale -- watching that needle or number go up or down.

At some point your brain will get the idea to play along and one day you will discover the number is going down.

How does that happened? Subconsciously you begin eating less, perhaps only a few bites less, so you can see that number go down. You sort of forget about your actual weight, you become more interested in what the scale is doing - going up or down.

You have "Tricked" your brain. Instead of feeling deprived, your focus is on that scale and in making that number go down. You continue to "eat what you want", but an amazing thing eventually happens. You have refocused your brain from the idea that you are "Dieting" to "Playing a Game" with your scale.

I know you are going to be skeptical about this, I just challenge you to start the process. Don't worry if you are away from home for a meal, or even days, just do this when you are home.

Next... do not expect over-night changes. Forget Dieting. Forget Losing Weight. Just learn to make your scale your friend and visit it religiously.... Morning... Noon... and Night... as feasible. And Do NOT Quit!

Give the Magic time to work for you.

One day you will get on your scale and discover that the number has dropped. It may be just slightly at first, but it will happen. Stay with it. When the number has dropped by one number, give yourself a "high five". When that number holds for 3 to 4 days in a row, Congratulate Yourself! Generally, YOU NOW OWN THAT NEW NUMBER!

Remember... We are NOT talking "pounds", we are focusing on "numbers". Don't alert your brain with that other word, just "play the numbers". :-)

Folks... it is THAT SIMPLE. Join me. Have Fun. Play my

Scale Game

Thank you.
God Bless

©1997-2011 "The Scale Game" By Doris Newnam. All Rights Reserved. You are invited to use "The Scale Game" for your personal weight control, however, "The Scale Game" is considered my personal intellectual property and may not be reproduced or republished in any form including, but not limited to print, video, or audio.

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